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As businesses are growing global, foreign exchange services are fast becoming widely evident across various segments. Be it for travelling abroad, or for sending money for your child’s education, people need foreign exchange solutions at competitive rates and in the quickest way. As a leading foreign exchange provider in India, Travel Yatra (Paul Merchants Ltd) provides complete transparency in all the types of transactions through a trusted network. Even if you have to send money abroad, we offer ultimate comfort and convenience to remit money. Backed by our number of partner banks in most parts of the world, you can send money abroad in the most secured way. So, whenever you plan to visit any country overseas for pleasure or business or need to send money to your children studying abroad, or go for medical check-up/treatment to an overseas hospital or pay medical bills for any of your relatives, you can rely on the forex services offered by Travel Yatra (Paul Merchants Ltd)

We offer Exchange Services in the form of :

      Currency Notes

      Traveler Cheques

      Travel Cards

      Outward Remittance

      Foreign Currency Draft